What We Offer


  • A large, custom-designed play structure for children ages 1-10
  • Magnificent slides, challenging climbs, and multiple obstacles
  • A hands-on Discovery Zone to spark imagination
  • A Toddler Zone with soft play structures, activity panels, and small slides for children ages 1-3
  • Safe, clean play equipment in a comfortable temperature-controlled atmosphere
  • Snacks and drinks available for purchase

Unleash the Adventure

Epic Custom-Designed Play
Structure for Kids 1-10, Featuring Thrilling Slides, Exciting Climbs, and Limitless Obstacles!

Thrilling Discovery Zone and Toddler Wonderland for Ages 1-3!

Enjoy Safe, Clean Playtime in a Comfortable, Temperature-Controlled Space with Delicious Snacks and Refreshments!

Free WI-FI


  • Story Time and a Craft events held regularly. 
  • Café area with tables and chairs for parents and children to sit and relax or have lunch Outside food and drinks (non-alcoholic) ARE permitted in the designated café area
  • Visually open play area with comfortable seating in full view of the play structures where parents and caregivers can relax, read, or visit with one another while the children play.  Please keep in mind that each parent or caregiver is responsible for the supervision of their child(ren).

*Socks must be worn at all times for anyone entering the play structures.

*Adults are free & are welcomed to play in the structures but must wear socks